Open Source operating systems for a changing fashion culture

Written by Cecilia Palmér, and originally published in “Die Welt Reparieren” (Transcript Verlag).

Fashion thrills and promises, let’s us play and stay warm, reinvent ourselves, impress or disappear. Next to food and shelter, clothing is one of our most crucial consumer products, and as such, concerns us all. Whether as someone who ,loves shopping’, or ,doesn’t care’, is normcore, avantgarde or anti-style, we all engage in the practise of fashioning ourselves in one way or other, in the daily choices of what to wear, what to reveal or hide and identify.

How can open source tactics empower consumers to become proactive makers and act as a key to engaged, sustainable fashion design, production, consumption and wearing?

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Andrea Baier / Tom Hansing / Christa Müller / Karin Werner (Hg.)
Die Welt reparieren
Open Source und Selbermachen als postkapitalistische Praxis

Liste Sachbücher des Monats März 2017

Weaving Communities

by Anja Salzer & Cecilia Palmér

By weaving together design and community development, the role of designers in regards to the creation of urban commodities, change of mindset, capacity building and collective action, inevitable move onto the agenda. This piece describes insights into one example of community building and practicing the commons fostered by design.

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